The Search for Happy – Day 1

Ever notice someone with a perpetually sunny outlook? The type that exudes happiness, attracting others with contagious positive energy, these people are fun to be around.

I’m not one of those people.

Instead, my countenance is usually serious and focused. Last fall, my husband took me to Disney World for the first time. When we got there, I broke down and had FUN.

Before the best vacation ever, I struggled whenever someone asked, “So what do you like to do for fun?” because I had no answer.┬áNow armed with examples of fun from our Disney visit, it is much easier to give a reply.

Both my sister-in-law and youngest daughter have that “sunny” gene. They are a delight to be with. I want to be just like them. I want to know what fun is. Is there really a genetic predisposition to happiness, or is it environmental?

In order to find out, I will conduct an experiment for the next 365 days. Each day, I will find a way to experience or create happiness. It will not be easy, but if there is a way to experience some happy every day I’m game.

Day 1

Our border collie Ziva, is extremely focused all the time. Morning and evening she waits by the kitchen counter where we keep a penlight. While she’s not a cat, Ziva goes wild chasing the red dot from the laser pointer all through the house. When we play I’ll spin the light and she runs in circles as if she was chasing her tail.

We’ve done “circles” so many times with the pointer, that Ziva will do “circles, circles” or “spin like a little ballerina” whenever I put my hand in my pocket even without a laser pointer.


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